Audiovisual hub

Your own custom storage platform for archiving and instantly control your productions.

Do you produce multimedia elements for your company, and do you wish to store, archive and make these media available to your users?

It is no longer necessary to ask your IT department for hard disks to store your production. It may now be integrated fully into Orphea Studio in full security.

Orphea Studio enables you to create this digital platform simply and quickly, whether it is installed locally or still hosted in our datacenter.

You can manage the distribution of your media thanks to a restriction system based largely on the access rights of your users: part of the database can be made accessible to the general public while another part containing your records, your private assets, may remain with restricted and secured access.

Orphea Studio manages the IPTC/XMP fields and other types of video-specific metadata will also be managed in this way. It is possible to enrich the metadata already contained in the media and to store the information that will be useful later to interrogate the database.

Orphea Studio is a multilingual system, comprising support tools for notice production and management in several languages. Thanks to the dictionary import and administration, the production and release of the multilingual version is made much easier.