Communication Management

Centralize, distribute and share your digital files with your colleagues with ease and in complete security.

Do you need to rationalize your information and media management processes?

Do you wish to distribute and share your multimedia news without drama? Your archives? Has an anniversary created a significant collection task focusing on the history of your company and do you wish to keep and cherish this memory?

Do you have web communicators on several sites that can generate and/or gather media from remote sites with all the descriptive information associated?

Orphea Studio meets the requirements companies have today for instant communication. It is a suitable tool for enhancing your digital assets and distributing them simply, quickly and securely to colleagues, service providers and the media.

Orphea Studio may also be used to distribute contracts and legal documents associated with media.

With a simple and easy to use upload tool, your colleagues are involved in the gathering and distribution of documents, becoming true contributors.
The upload warning system defines an efficient workflow with the functional directors of the media library.