Information Systems Management

Choose quality and technical performance for your company with Orphea Studio.

Are you in the market for a Digital Asset management solution? For managing the media library of one of your departments?

Our team is available to support you in your technical and functional design:

  • Technical diagram of the solution
  • Recommended technical architecture in accordance with your master plan
  • Server, network bandwidth and file storage dimensioning
  • Analysis and recommendation of deployment options: multitenant/decentralized architecture, local, external or combined hosting, server virtualization, choice of system layers, etc.
  • Organization and backup in anticipation of incidents (PRI)

Our team is also available for the establishment of technical workshops that will help you to know the product well technically and functionally and above all to determine the conditions under which the product allows you to meet the needs of users in accordance with your master plan and the technical constraints of your business.

Your requesting department is typically Communications, Marketing, Commercial, Audiovisual Hub or Financial Management.