Marketing Management

Manage your brand management strategy, access to your media and promote team work with the Orphea Studio solution.

Are you looking for a solution that enables you to deploy the correct version, the correct file associated with your products and publicity campaigns, both internally and externally?

Is the distribution of your media restricted by exploitation rights (by sector or by territory) and do you have to pay great attention to this?

Orphea Studio resolves these issues thanks to its standard functions which can be implemented quickly.

Orphea Studio may be linked to external cross-publishing tools through web services, which enables you to exploit your media production, from its creation to its controlled distribution.

Orphea Studio can import existing product data sheets from your company's application tool and associate them with media stored in the Orphea database, which are related to the product.

The application tool can also draw from visuals stored in the Orphea database.

Your needs and content may be slightly different from those of the Department of Communication; this does not prevent the sharing of the database between both services with the objective of reducing the cost of maintaining the platform and sharing its contents, rights permitting.

Our Content Management team is at your disposal to assist you in populating your media library correctly and efficiently.