Discover the Orphea Studio services and a solution suited to your multimedia file management needs. Our Digital Asset Management product offer and its Royalty Invoice Management commercial management module will enable you to manage and distribute your media more efficiently internally and externally.

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Structuring, development and sharing of digital assets tends to become a major strategic issue for all public and private organizations. For 15 years, the Orphea Studio solution has been chosen by many large corporations, laboratories, public research institutions, heritage preservation organizations and lastly news agencies, because it meets the five key requirements of a DAM offer:



Benefit from the comfort and ease of use of Orphea Studio DAM for optimized management of all of your multimedia documents Discover all of the possibilities provided by the Orphea Studio DAM plug-in module for the commercial management of your media.
  • Data security through the careful management of rights and restrictions, as well as user profiles;
  • Search engine, providing multiple options for accessing all of the multimedia objects, regardless of type: videos, images, documents, etc.;
  • Powerful and reliable database and all communication channels with the system; 
  • Flexible implementation: local or outsourced hosting, multitenant or decentralized architecture, integration points with third-party applications, reversibility of environment selections, etc.;
  • Services, because the implementation of a good DAM solution is necessarily supported by the expertise to organize the data, define a repository, documentary records and to ensure that the stakeholders of the company obtain the same comfort and autonomy in their daily lives around their DAM application.

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Orphea RIM, Royalty and Invoice Management, is an Orphea DAM plug-in management tool, specially designed for companies engaged in cash value creation from their digital assets : photo sales, video provision, document sharing, etc.

Orphea RIM calculates the royalties due to the copyright holders, and on the basis of objects actually browsed
Orphea RIM can be used to process the flow of orders placed online via the user interface.

Orphea RIM provides a secure payment module, accepting the majority of bank cards, and applications such as PayPal
Orphea RIM, can then be used to export all invoicing and payment data for use in accounting consolidation applications.

Orphea RIM is aimed naturally at photo agencies and press offices, but also at large corporations that are mindful of measuring the flow of values exchanged between various departments or subsidiaries.

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Choose the Orphea Studio datacenter infrastructure, our team of professionals guarantees you continuity of service and a secure technical environment.

When using the Orphea datacenter, support also covers all routine monitoring and maintenance of your technical environment.

The hosting service offer is also based upon a service level agreement (SLA), which guarantees the availability of the system and all of its operating functionality.

  • Operations routinely managed by Orphea Studio include:
  • 24-hour monitoring of resource allocation (CPU, RAM, Storage, Network)
  • 24-hour intervention on faults, within the scope of the contractual availability SLAs
  • Backup and synchronisation management
  • Generation of operating reports
  • Firmware update (*)

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Our services


Orphea Studio support offers several levels of intervention, from standard corrective maintenance up to complete coverage of the Third-party Applied Maintenance type.

Content management

With the support of a dedicated team and a network of partners, we provide content management services for any company wishing to optimize and/or outsource the management of their media.