When using of the Orphea datacenter, support also covers all routine monitoring and maintenance of your technical environment.

The hosting service offer is also based upon a service level agreement (SLA), which guarantees the availability of the system and all of its operating functionality.

Operations routinely managed by Orphea include: :

  • 24-hour monitoring of resource allocation (CPU, RAM, Storage, Network)
  • 24-hour intervention on faults, within the scope of the contractual availability SLAs.
  • Backup and synchronization management
  • Generation of operating reports
  • Firmware update (*)


Description of the Datacenter

The Orphea datacenter comprises two separate production server rooms, each configured in accordance recommended standardized criteria, providing

  • Double conversion electrical power supply
  • Double cooling circuit
  • Dedicated Internet connection

Each of the rooms is also equipped with a fire protection system and an anti-intrusion device. The infrastructure, cooling, electrical supply and security functions are provided by our partner ILIAD.



The two production arrays are synchronized via a dedicated fire optic link (1 Gbps) and asynchronously. This arrangement permits continuity of production in the event of a major incident on one of the two sites, or on the IT equipment itself. Orphea's technical teams are trained in emergency operations within the scope of an incident response plan.



Datacenter data are backed up daily to a third-party site. This provision essentially enables the Customer to recover their data history in the event of unexpected loss or incorrect handling. Much more rarely, in the event of a major incident on both production sites simultaneously, this provision allows a complete data recovery and therefore, resumption of production after an interruption.


Technical description of the production array

Each production array is equipped with the following items of equipment:

  • 3 Servers, Xeon 6-core dual processors, each with 144 Gb RAM.
  • 1 storage array, 130 Tb usable (*) (*)
  • 2 Firewalls, in failover
  • 2 Switches, in failover
  • 1 fibre Optic Internet port (**)

(*) SAN-type (databases) and NAS-type (media files) storage. Allocation of additional storage space is dynamic, without interruption to service.

(**) IP transport is provided by our partner LEVEL3. Each array has its own autonomous access, with a total bandwidth of 1 Gbps.

The entire system is virtualized to enable sharing and dynamic allocation of resources to each of the datacenter Customers.


Monitoring and Alerts

The array assembly is monitored with regard to the following checking points (not exhaustive): :

  • Internet connectivity
  • Synchronization line connectivity
  • Usable space/Allocated space (SAN/NAS)
  • Memory use
  • CPU use
  • Processing loads

Alerts are reported 24-hours to the Orphea technical team, who respond in real time to any incident.



The Orphea datacenter is subject to regular audits on behalf of Orphea Customers. A set of procedures is provided with our partner ILIAD to permit visits to the production array facilities and to therefore offer the option of an audit to all Customers.



The datacenter service level commitment assumes an availability of more than 99%.

Without exception, all routine maintenance operations are to be carried out without interrupting production.


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